Stress management is not a mystery, it is a choice!


Each of us has the power to manage the level of stress we experience in our daily lives through the choices we make each day.  By applying simple habits to your daily routine you will see your level of stress diminish and you will be amazed at all you are getting done.  The secrets to not allowing stress to bog you down are explored and uncovered in this website through the research and teachings of Dr. Laura King.



Dr. Laura King

Dr. Laura King works as a stress management consultant for the Center for Therapeutic Services and Psychodiagnostics. She has been a yoga instructor for over 10 years and is a experienced practitioner in mindfulness and meditation.

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Education and experience

Dr. King has a passion for helping people realize a life with less stress. Customized training programs are available to meet the specific needs of your organization. Contact us today to see how to bring this powerful message to your team.

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