Setting a daily intention to help manage stress

There are many ways to go about using the power of intention to enhance your life.  One of the simplest and most effective habits you can develop is setting a daily intention each morning.  This may be done before you get out of bed or while you are in the shower.  It is also acceptable to think about your intention on your way to work.  There are no hard rules about the exact time an intention must be set, but the earlier in the day you set your intention, the more likely that intention will hold true for you during the day.

Setting an intention is something I learned to do while practicing yoga.  First as a student, then as an instructor.  The process of setting an intention for the class gave each practitioner the power to make the class tailored to meet their individual needs.  Maybe the student wanted to focus on mental clarity for their practice.  Maybe increased flexibility was what they were trying to develop.  By having each student consciously think about what it was they wanted to gain from the class, they had the power to focus their attention and work on accomplishing their goal.  The same practice can be used in daily operations. By using intentions to guide each day, two are focused on what we want to accomplish and increasing the chances of goal accomplishment.

So what does this look like?  It might look like a person making a decision to not lose their temper in a frustrating work environment.  It may involve organizing work space.  You have the power to make absolutely anything you wish to have happen a reality by setting your intention and taking action.  In habits such as this, we create the life we want.  The chances of us accomplishing any task improve greatly when we make a conscious commitment to get it done.  Set the intention in your mind, write it down, or better yet, share it with someone and give them permission to hold you accountable.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you start directing your thoughts in a goal oriented fashion.

Small adjustments in habits can have a huge impact on our ability to manage stress.  If there is something hanging over your head that you need to get off your plate, set an intention to address that issue first.  If get frustrated with your children easily, set an intention to exercise patience. Once the intention is set, it is time for you to take the next necessary action to ensure your actions are in line with your intention.  This practice can be used in many ways to improve your life. 

If you get into this daily habit, you will see you 'to do' list shrink and your stress begin to melt away. What are you waiting for?  Set your intention today and begin to create the life you want to live.