Replace Fear with Curiosity

What are you afraid of.  In clinical practice I usually see two types of people; those who are afraid of everything and those who are afraid of nothing.  Neither one of these extremes are the most healthy place to be.  People without any fear are usually reckless.  People with too much fear can become stress paralyzed and experience a compromised quality of life. Like most things in life, there is a balance of the two that is the secret to success.

It is important that we remember that fear is the flip side of the courage coin and one cannot exist without the other.  Often people think courage is a noble character trait and fear is something to be ashamed of.  This could not be further from the truth as courage cannot exist without fear. Fear and courage are like yin and yang; they compliment each other an feed each other.  They keep us in balance.  Life is made up of a balance of the two.

If we are afraid of everything we will always play it safe. We will never push our own personal limits because we are worried about what people might think about us if we do no succeed.  I can express my clinical findings in one way.  To put it in the most simple teams; usually this extreme fear identity can be traced back to fear of failure.  Afraid of not living up to expectations.  Of not being able to do what it is we are trying to do.

It is unfortunate that failure has developed this bad reputation over the years because it is truly an essential part of life. Just like fear and courage; failure is the other side of the success coin. Failure and success are not mutually exclusive; if you are succeeding at everything you do, you probably are living a shadow of the life you could be living. 

If you are only doing things that you know you will certainly succeed at, you are playing within your current skill set.  While this may have practical application in many areas of life; driving skills, financial investment risk and other practical matters... when we get to the meat of what it means to really experience life, you need to get outside of your comfort zone to start really living.

Once you are on the edge of your comfort level, you experience personal growth.  Often this growth looks like failure and the lesson you learn from the experience.  The next time you attempt to push your limits you are starting from a different mark. You know more, you are different; forever changed for the experience you had embarked upon.

Make a commitment today.  When is the last time you pushed outside your comfort zone to try something new.  Take a look inside and discover what is holding you back.  If it is fear, try replacing that fear with curiosity.  Instead of thinking, "what if I fail", think "what could I learn from the experience".  With this simple adjustment to the way you look at fear your adventures will abound and your personal growth will flourish.