7 Secrets to a Happy Life

It seems everyone is looking for happiness. Some people look to work to find it.  Others look for money or social status.  Still others look for happiness in their relationships with other people.  All of these efforts are for naught if you do not start your search by looking within.

Happiness is not as elusive as you might think.  Once you understand the fundamental construct of what makes people happy and how they can stay that way, it is actually a pretty simple process.  That being said; we all know simple is not always easy.  Here are the seven key components to finding happiness.

Positive Thinking- Known more formally in the field of psychology as cognitive reprocessing, thinking happy thoughts is a fundamental component of being happy.  There are always two ways of perceiving events; focusing on the obstacles or focusing on the opportunities. If you are constantly battling negative thinking, you will be forever engaged in internal dialog that brings your attention to the bad things in life and happiness will be more difficult to attain.  By making a conscious commitment to positive thinking, we are priming our brain for success.

Get out in Nature- Few things in the world can bring us joy like being outdoors.  Fresh air, sunshine and all the elements of being connected to the planet brings us back to simpler times and happier days.  Nature therapy is nothing new but it is seeing a resurgence in recent times.  Having a bad day? Go for a walk and get some exercise. The combination of movement and nature are sure to bring your brain to a more positive place. 

Protect Your Sleep- Scientific studies suggest being overtired is comparable to being under the influence of alcohol in the work environment. A lack of sleep will compromise our ability to concentrate and make each and every effort we take more difficult.  By assuring you are getting enough sleep you can clear the way for happier days where you have more energy for your work and play efforts.

Share the Love- Loving relationships are one of the most therapeutic connections we can have.  By building trust and care for another we increase the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain.  This helps us to combat negative thinking and give us a more optimistic outlook.  Not in a relationship right now?  No worries.  Science shows connections to pets and friends are equally as effective as romance for creating meaningful connections.  Just share the love in your heart and life instantly becomes more beautiful. 

Attitude is Everything- Coupling with positive thinking, your attitude can make a huge difference in how you navigate life.  Is it a pain to get out of bed for work each day or are you thankful to have a secure job.  Your attitude toward your daily actions can have a huge impact, and it is yours to choose!  Make the right choice, choose to be happy.

Commit to Self-Improvement- There is nothing worse than feeling stagnant.  Just like our bodies feel better when we use them, so do our minds.  By taking action to develop new skills and try new things, you create a way to continually grow and develop. This requires you getting out of your comfort zone.  So what are you waiting for.  Start today!

Invest in Yourself- This is the next level of self improvement.  It is about actually spending your time and money on you. This might be joining a health club instead of letting the monthly fee being an excuse.  Or maybe it is attending a seminar or workshop in an area of interest.  If you spend your life waiting for others to invest in your success you will surely be disappointed.  Take the initiative.  Do not wait for someone else to provide opportunities for you.  Go create them for yourself. 

If you are looking for happiness, the answer lies within you.  Please stop looking to someone or something else to make you happy.  Happiness is an inside job. Never give another person or situation that much power over your life.  Take control today and live the life you have imagined.