Rising above- How to overcome obstacles

Obstacles abound.  I have never met a person who has had a truly charmed life.  Even if life goes well for an extended period of time, there is always a breaking point; a time when challenges present.  In my experience in working with people over the years, this appears to be a universal truth.  Figuring out how to best manage the obstacles we are going to encounter can make us better prepared to get through those challenging times.

What do you do when an obstacle presents in your world?   What is the most effective way to get up and over so it does not slow you down?  The answer can be found in these three easy steps:

Change Your Perception

Perception is reality. It is a powerful force that changes the way you interpret the world.  The good news is you are completely in control of how we perceive things. With a little concentrated effort, you get to choose how you process all things that happen in your life. The first step in overcoming any obstacle lies in how you view the event.  Do you see the occurrence as a challenge or an opportunity.  While obstacles are usually unexpected, they do not have to be viewed as a negative experience.  Instead of thinking, "why did this have to happen", you can ask, "how can I work through this".  Just that small adjustment in thought brings you from a place where you are stuck dwelling on the negative to a place of forward movement and potential for advancement. As the saying goes: change your mind, change your life.

Create and Action Plan

The next key to success when confronted with an unexpected event (notice I did not say obstacle), is to develop a plan of action. How can you best approach this issue?  What is the next thing you must do to continue to move forward in reaching your goal?  Oftentimes when we look at the issue as a whole, the situation seems overwhelming.  When we break the situation down into manageable parts, the clouds of doom and gloom lift and we are able to see the situation more clearly.  When something seems overwhelming just take the next step toward your goal; even if it is a baby step.  Eventually you will make progress and come out the other side.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Misery loves company.  When you are trying to work through a difficult time, find people who want to help you move forward.  Too many people will want to bask in the faint glow of negativity with you.  They will offer comments on how unfortunate or unbelievable your circumstance is and talk for hours about how you deserve better.  While this might make you feel better for a few moments, it is not helping anyone in the long run.  Talking about what should have been does not change the current reality.  You must get over the past and work to improve the present situation.  Too much time and too much effort is spent trying to understand how or why things did not go as planned.  While there is value in learning lessons from mistakes, sometimes even when you do everything right; things go wrong.  when this happens stop exploring how the situation happened and begin looking toward a solution.  Most people have good intentions and are trying to help.  Find those people in your life who will help in a positive way.  Messages that encourage growth and progress are the messages you need at a time like this.  Find those people and heed their advise.

Using these steps you can manage just about anything life throws at you.  This is a simple plan that will make navigating even the most difficult moment a bit easier.  Once you become familiar with this process you will find you can apply it almost any station.  By learning to use these small steps in daily situations, you will develop skills that will serve you if the big one ever comes your way.  You will stop surviving through challenging situations and start to thrive.