The benefits of salt water

No, this is not some new diet fad. Salt water is the nucleus of my stress management philosophy. I have a saying hanging on the wall in my home.  It says the cure to every thing in life can be found in salt water; sweat, tears or the sea.  At first I thought this saying was cute; it soon became the a way of life for me.


No matter what challenge life brings to us, with enough hard work and concentrated effort, we can usually make the situation better.  The challenge lies in finding the motivation to work hard when times are tough.  If we are able to gain perspective and move toward the next right action step, our progress will come.  It might be slowly at first, but it WILL come.  Once it does, we are working your way out of the issue.  Things will not stay the same.  Our efforts bring improvement and change the situation for the better.


This may sound infantile to some and feminine to others, but I promise from a psychological perspective a good cry really fixes a lot.  When we let our emotions flow freely we process the disappointment in real time. This means no resentment, no suppressed emotions, just the raw real vulnerable you.  Brene Brown does a lot of great work on embracing vulnerability.  If we are not truthful about our emotions, we are probably guarding ourselves from being perceived as vulnerable.  By exploring and experiencing our emotions, you will be more readily able find both the truth of the matter and our priorities.  I am not suggesting anyone run around pouting over every little thing.  But if something bothers us, it is important we experience the authentic emotions associated with the event.

The Sea

Here we hit on two important issues; spending time in nature and taking a vacation.  I prefer to vacation at the beach.  I know not everyone does.   This is fine, but please connect to the spirit of the statement. Connecting to nature resets our soul; it is like a mini holiday we can access at any time.  Nature reminds us we are part of something much larger than ourselves.  It also reminds us of the everyday miracles that exist all around us.  And when the time comes that getting outside and enjoying nature is not enough, it might be time for a real vacation. No matter where you choose to go, sometimes you just need to get away and take a break from your daily stress.  Know yourself.  I can only go about three months without a real break.  This is fine and I schedule it the same way I do a doctors appointment.  Make the time to nurture your spirit, it will keep you focused and increase your happiness in daily operations. 

The answer to all life's questions... right there in salt water; who knew.