The time is now. How to fully engage in your life!

Our words have power.  You all have probably heard me say this before.  The words we choose to speak with and even think with shape our reality.  If we are actually in control of this, why shouldn't we harness this power to help us achieve success?  In today's blog I would like to use a few statements as an example to show how meaningful this practice can actually be.

Find a way

When something difficult presents, people often say they will find a way to deal with it.  Think about this statement for a moment.  Find a way.  This is a very passive statement.  Like finding a coin lying on the side of the road.  The statement suggests no active plan of action, but more of a take it as it comes approach to managing the difficulty.  Of course find a way works, most of us have been there.  But is there a better way for us to get through these tough times.

Make a way

What if instead of saying we will find a way, we said we will make a way. Make it happen, make it work.  While difficult times are not always welcome, with a make a way attitude we can really change the energy of the approach.  By making a way we are committed to action.  We are determined to move forward. We are making something happen intentionally, not just waiting for it to come together passively.  We are fully engaged in the process.

One simple word

With this one simple word change we have completely restructured the approach to managing the difficulty.  There are many ways each and every day to use your words wisely to create the life you have imagined.  One word is the difference between, "I want to live the life of my dreams" and "I am living the life of my dreams."  In one statement there is intention, in the other there is action.  While intention is good, without action good intention rarely gets us where we want to go. 

Stop living life passively.  Take action now.  With small adjustments to the words we chose to use each day we can start making a real difference in our approach to our happiness and success.  Your words can help you own your actions and your strategy for managing your life. This is your life.  If you are not taking control of your destiny, then who is?  Align yourself with your calling, your higher power, whatever it is that guides your action and then start moving forward.  No more sitting around watching life pass you by.  Today is your day.  Make it count!